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And the Descendants of JubaL

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The Healing Process CD coverTHE NEW ALBUM - “The Healing Process” - Andy Gayle & the Descendants of JubaL (2010) - THE NEW ALBUM

“The Healing Process’ is the eagerly awaited new album by Andy Gayle. It has been recorded, mastered and it’s ready to roll. Available very soon, so keep watching this space!!

The track listing is as follows:

  1. Handouts in the Rain - Havens / mp3 sample
  2. Drying up my Tears / mp3 sample
  3. From the Storm
  4. The Healing Process / mp3 sample
  5. Soho Road / mp3 sample
  6. God Bless the Child - Holiday/Herzog
  7. Chlôe
  8. When Words Fail
  9. All for Love
  10. The City Hums Your Name / mp3 sample
  11. For All We Know - Coots/Lewis
  12. Eternal Father (Jamaica Land We Love) - Sherlock/Lightbourne

All tunes written by Andy Gayle unless stated

Download at CD Baby CD Baby or iTunes The Healing Process - Andy Gayle & the Descendants of Jubal or buy the CD at I for Integrity.

Gospel Truths CD coverGospel Truths - Andy Gayle & the Descendants of JubaL (2009)

The track listing is as follows:

  1. The Lord’s Prayer / Matthew 6:10-14 / Luke 11:2-4 / mp3 full track
  2. The Old Rugged Cross / Bennard / Gabriel / mp3 sample
  3. Misty / Over The Rainbow / Garner / Arlen / mp3 sample
  4. You Raise Me Up / Graham / Lovland
  5. Psalm 23:1 (Psalm of King David)
  6. You Are The Sunshine of My Life / Stevie Wonder
  7. Chlôe (Chlo Chlo) / Gayle / (rec 2006) / mp3 sample
  8. “By The Awful Grace of God” / Æschylus
  9. How Great Thou Art / Hine

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"I have a dream" CD coverI have a dream - Andy Gayle & the Descendants of JubaL (2003)

Excellent first full studio album

  1. Damilola's Song mp3 full track
  2. Bring it on Home
  3. Summer Breeze
  4. Giant Steps (Coltrane) mp3 sample
  5. They Say It's Wonderful (Berlin)
  6. Samba à la Roma (Gayle/Macías) mp3 sample
  7. I Believe (rec 1996)
  8. Everything Happens to Me (Dennis/Adaire) mp3 sample
  9. The Nearness of You (Washington/Carmichael)
  10. Lilya mp3 sample

All songs written by Andy Gayle unless stated.

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Ska MachineSka Machine - Self-titled EP (1996)

  1. You Can't be Serious (Ska Machine)
  2. Joe 90 (TV Theme)
  3. Pretty Women
  4. Road Block (Tommy McCook) mp3 sample

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You are what you believeYou Are What You Believe - Andy Gayle (1996)

Raw but rare collectable first album. A damn good listen.

  1. I Believe
  2. Constellation
  3. Casablanca
  4. Cristina
  5. Daniel's Theme

Buy the CD at I for Integrity

Par CondicioPar Condicio - Juggy & Marco De Angelis (1995)

This highly political album is classed as Italian Hardcore Rap. Andy appears on one track which you can download here:

Cattiva Maestra TV mp3 full track

It's currently out of print, but you can easily get hold of a copy through Ebay, Amazon or checking Google to find the best prices.