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The Integrity Ethos...

Firstly I would like to take this opportunity to thank and welcome you to this website.

My name is Andy Gayle and I’m a Birmingham based Saxophonist and Composer. You may or may not be aware that today record deals in the “real” sense are extremely difficult to acquire, and a great many record companies are closing down their Jazz divisions, citing lack of public interest as the reason for their actions.
This can, I believe, only have a long-term detrimental effect on the collective, aesthetic, artistic and social interaction that Jazz music generates.
Integrity Music has been established to try and counteract this trend.

It is my intention to present you, the public, with new music written and produced by both myself and other musicians who need a platform with which to reach a wider audience.
It is also our intention at Integrity to ensure that music is recorded to the highest possible standards within our, and the musicians, means and offered directly to you, the public, at the most reasonable price possible. Ideally all music should be free and not treated as a financial commodity!

Most of the income generated will go directly to the artist, though a portion will be retained to help fund further recordings. No money will go to Record Company bosses or Shareholders who are only interested in the bottom line, and not the music!

At Integrity, whilst we pride ourselves on any record we sell, our main aim is to present good music; not necessarily what sells or happens to be in vogue at the time.
Integrity will always place this ethos at the pinnacle of it’s existence. As committed musicians we welcome any critical feedback that you, the listener, may wish to express regarding the music we release. This will encourage a healthy dialogue which will help to ensure that our music is presented with “integrity”.

Artists interested in joining "i for Integrity" should phone Andy on +44 (0) 7843 422 702 or email andygayle@googlemail.com

Once again, welcome to this site. I hope you find some music you like.

signed    Andy Gayle

p.s. Spread the word!